Every peak you reach,
it is nothing more
than an intermediate step.

In 1983, the Alimec project began taking shape, following a path that started out in a small workshop which saw the birth of the first machines for the Italian market.

Over time, customer requests increased, as did the problems to be solved: increasing hourly production capacities, reducing waste, speeding up product changes, injecting particular fillings, distributing toppings perfectly.

Whole days – and sometimes nights – searching for what is not always obvious, the perfect solution to customer requests.

With the active participation of a highly-efficient and dynamic staff, always ready to accept new challenges, driven by  strong and intuitive leadership, Alimec began climbing international markets, addressing both mid-sized companies and large groups. Farsightedness and special attention paid to customer relations today make Alimec a reliable partner, capable of producing high-performance, custom-made machines and lines to meet the needs of our most demanding customers. .

During the 2016 there has been another evolution: the historical Alimec site, left its place to Pramecc, a new owned company, specialized in mechanical processing. Alimec moved into a new and bigger factory into the green and lovely valleys of Pasubio mountains, even more closer to the beloved peaks, which are relaxing for the view and, at the same time, inspire to move the dreams higher and higher.