Alimec manufactures semi-automatic or fully automated plants for the production of several ranges of tarts. Either moulded pans or alu-foil liners can be used for production.

According to the product type, it can have smooth  or fluted edge, be filled with cream or jam, be decorated with a lattice top, and made in different sizes.


Fully automatic or semi-automatic production plant for pies and tarts. Moulded pans or alu-foils plates are conveyed by a chain conveyor under a volumetric extruder machine which deposits the required quantity of dough inside mould. An heated press makes the moulding of product and then volumetric dosing units dose the filling with one or more creams. Finally it is deposited a lattice top, by means of a rotary dosing machine, to complete the decoration.


A system able to pick-up different kinds of products from pans and deposit them directly onto the decoration and final packaging line. This solution allows flexibility and the handling of several types of acetate/blister, through the use of special tools, with quick change of product type and a medium-high production speed.