In recent years, Alimec has excelled in the realization of automatic and semi-automatic production lines for cakes, muffins, cupcakes, magdalenas, donuts, éclairs… focusing on customer requirements and technological innovations s. These products can have paper cups or greased  moulded baking pans, with either single-colour or double-colour dough and optional inclusions.

It is also possible to dose several kinds of toppings, like sugar, chocolate drops, raisins, while some products can be filled or decorated after baking. Alimec has successfully installed lines  worldwide, proposing itself as a best partner, guaranteeing expertise and reliability, to  customers seeking to automate or increase their production process.


A fully automatic production line, tailor-made for the production of cakes/muffins with or without paper cups, for a medium-high production capacity. Compact and efficient, both in terms of yield and production capacity, this automatic line is able to produce different types of products, optimizing spaces, baking and cooling times.


Semi-automatic production line, tailor- made for the production of different types of cakes/muffins. Compact and versatile, this line was created to handle a medium-low production capacity and involves the use of rotary baking ovens. The special 'U' configuration facilitates the operation of loading and unloading of baking pans, creating a continuous and rational workflow, reducing personnel and optimizing spaces.


Device for depositing a wide range of liner cups of different shapes and materials, such as paper, cardboard, aluminium. Possibility to deposit paper cups not only into moulded pans, but also directly onto the oven band. Fully automated, it allows rapid and simple product change for the operator and ensures high flexibility, performance and precision of paper cup deposit.


A system able to pick-up different kinds of products from pans and deposit them directly onto the decoration and final packaging line. This solution allows flexibility and the handling of several types of acetate/blister, through the use of special tools, with quick change of product type and a medium-high production speed.