In the industrial field of the frozen or chilled pizza, Alimec holds a significant and relevant position. It produces topping and decorating lines for pizza, slices and calzone with tomato, cheese, mushrooms, sliced salami and many other ingredients.

Alimec has installed lines successfully worldwide, boasting thirty years of experience and proposing itself as a best partner, guaranteeing expertise and reliability to customers seeking to increase production through automation.


Fully automatic plant, custom made for pizza topping before and after the oven, with automatic system for data and recipes storing and control, able to handle a medium/high production capacity. The line can work with different product sizes and rows number. Possible dosage using target or waterfall system, according to the customer’s request. Special care for an easy cleaning and sanitation operation of each machine and conveying system. A complete range machines, that year after year, are innovated and improved to meet the ever more demanding of the market.


A fully automated plant for topping pizzas before and after baking, composed of: • PU-type topping conveyors, extractable without tools.• plastic mesh conveyors for cooling pizzas and handling them from freezer to packaging. • tomato sauce volumetric dosing unit equipped with servomotor for high dosing precision. • topping dispensers (cheese, ham, vegetables and others) able to work in target or waterfall mode. • slicing machine for slicing and distribution of pepperoni, ham, cheese. • spice dispenser, roller height control, and water sprinkler complete the line. • all machines are installed on pivoting wheels, in order to carry out washing and cleaning [...]


Dispensers able to distribute several IQF ingredients like ham, cheese, mozzarella, mushrooms on the pizza surface. Main characteristics of the unit are: • solid frame for high speed working cycles and perfect stability during topping distribution. • border free mode, which uses a target device driven by a servomotor. • waterfall mode, with automatic recycle system for the recovery of ingredients in excess. • possibility to remove parts in contact with product without tools. • dispensers and recycle system installed on pivoting wheels, in order to carry out washing and cleaning operations out of the line. • materials, electrical components, and motors with [...]


Unique in Europe to offer a full range of units for the topping, Alimec, manufactures slicer tailor made. Unit suitable to continuously cut and distribute slices of pepperoni, ham, cheese, with possibility to change both number and position of slices on pizza surface. It’s mainly composed by a series of interchangeable product loaders, with pendulum movement, and by a band blade. The stroke of pendulum movement is 250 mm and allows a big cutting surface: thanks to the servomotor, the pendulum speed is adjustable during the cutting phase in order to obtain different deposit configurations and to adapt to different ingredients. It grants a precise cut and an [...]